Delving into Corruption & Misconduct

At Elavium, we encourage whistleblowers to come forward and contribute to our mission of conducting thorough investigations into public and private institutions.


By unveiling dishonesty, waste, fraud, and other unscrupulous practices, you play a crucial role in championing accountability and integrity across all sectors of society. Together, we can create a more ethical and transparent world where truth and justice prevail.

Oklahomans Deserve Transparency

Shedding Light through Public Awareness

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Our mission hinges on empowering whistleblowers, who provide invaluable insights and actionable intelligence, to aid our tireless investigators. We strive to create a more ethical and transparent society by publicizing the results of our investigations through compelling media, primarily digestible short-length videos. As we train citizen journalists to carry out similar investigative journalism, we aim to build a more informed and engaged society, capable of making decisions based on accurate and honest information.

Helping to Create Change

Investigations and Media Dissemination

At Elavium, we are committed to creating positive change in the Oklahoma State government by exposing corruption and malfeasance through impartial investigations and with the power of effective media.


By partnering with whistleblowers, we can ensure that the truth is spread and that those responsible are held accountable. With your help, we can create real and lasting change in the Oklahoma State government.