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The Woolley Family Case

At Elavium, our investigative work has real-world impact. A prime example is the Woolley family case, a complex story spanning over five years. Despite the challenges, we managed to present a compelling narrative that resonated with the public, as evidenced by our sold-out documentary premieres and significant media coverage. Our most profound breakthrough was unearthing previously overlooked documents that exposed a conspiracy between the Department of Human Services, the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, and the District Attorney’s office.


This pivotal finding has since empowered the Woolley family to file an additional court petition, potentially expediting Clayton’s return. This case not only illustrates the power of diligent investigative journalism, but it also helped us create a structured approach to analyzing and investigating each story moving forward, enhancing our potential for impact in future cases.


Raised awareness through sold-out documentary premieres and extensive news coverage

Fact Finding

Unearthed crucial documents proving a conspiracy between multiple state departments


Through this investigation, we were able to streamline our investigative process for future cases

Watch the Documentary

Experience the power of investigative journalism by watching our documentary on the Woolley family’s fight for justice. It’s more than just a film—it’s a testament to resilience, truth, and the pursuit of justice. Witness firsthand how Elavium’s diligent investigation brought hidden truths to light, and join us in our mission to foster an ethical and transparent society.

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